Reach Fundraiser Table Sponsors and Donors

Reach Underwriters and Table Sponsors are what make the Reach Fundraiser Dinner possible!

Thanks to the upfront donations of our underwriters and table sponsors, we are able to cover the basic expenses – event site, meals, audio/video equipment, speaker travel and honorariums, printing, postage and other expenses.    Thanks to the underwriters and table sponsors, all the donations the night of the event go directly to the ministry so we can continue with our mission!

Sponsorship Levels:

Underwriting is a commitment of $1500 or higher.  Contact Mike Kelly at (513) 616-5528 if you are interested in becoming an Underwriter.

Table Sponsorship is at the following levels:

$300    Bronze

$600     Silver

$900     Gold

$1200   Platinum

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Sponsor a Table

Filling Your Table:

Invite your friends and associates!  Our goal is to have more people attend so that more people are exposed to the ministry.  It’s an opportunity for all friends of the ministry to invite other people who are like minded and may be interested in learning about the ministry’s work and financially supporting us.    As the result of being invited to the dinner by a friend, we’ve had many people subsequently attend a conference and even become volunteers.

Each table seats eight guests.  We love it when table sponsors fill their table with people who have an interest in supporting RLI!  However, we have people who sponsor tables who are only able to fill some of the seats, and people who sponsor tables but are unable to attend.  No worries!   We will fill any empty seats at your table, whether it is the whole table or just one or two empty seats.

New in 2017:  General Admission Tickets this year will be $30.   This does not affect our table sponsors or their guests.  It only affects people who have reserved seats on their own, or walk in the night of the event.

IMPORTANT:  Please tell your guests to submit their reservations through YOU and to not buy their tickets online. 


Payment for tables and underwriting is requested no later than October 15, 2017.  The tables are arranged in the room according to the level of the table – Underwriters, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, then in order of when payment was received.  So if you want your table closer to the speaker platform, get your payment in early!

As a special thank you, in place of our VIP event the night of the dinner, we would like to invite you and a guest to an invitation-only gathering with our keynote speaker, Dr. Mike Hutchings.

Saturday, November 4, 2017  10:30am to 12:230pm    Location to be announced,

Please prayerfully consider being an underwriter or table sponsor!   You will be such a blessing to the ministry!  Questions? Call Mike Kelly at (513) 616-5528 or email him at




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