Restoring Your Life Conference

This amazing, life-changing conference is the heart of our healing and deliverance ministry.  It offers intense biblical teachings on healing and disease prevention, toxic roots of disease, the mind-body connection (science has found that about 87% of all physical diseases are due to “Toxic Thoughts” – the junk/sin in our lives!); biblical tools to stay healthy, forgiveness, Father’s love and much more. It is during this conference that people receive the most teaching, inner healing, physical healing and restoration. The Restoring Your Life Conference consists of 38 hours of in-depth teaching along with group and personal deliverance ministry, giving you the tools to help you become whole (healed, healthy, and holy)!

We highly recommend an RLI conference if you are:

  •     Looking for alternative answers as to why you may be sick
  •     Struggling with depression, fear, stress and anxiety
  •     Suffering from allergies to food, and or environment
  •     Daily fighting fatigue and or physical pain
  •     Suffering from disease, sickness or emotional torment
  •     Finding it hard to break free from past hurts
  •     Seeking to experience more of God’s love
  •     Currently healthy and are looking for keys to stay healthy!

Attending the Restoring Your Life Conference will bring you answers, hope and freedom!

Watch this short video to learn more about the conference experience!

Due to the teaching schedule and the fact that each teaching builds precept upon precept, the conference will be closed to any new attendees after 11:00 am on Saturday if the conference starts on Friday evening.  If the conference starts on Saturday, then no new attendees will be allowed in after 3:00 pm on Saturday afternoon.

No one will be allowed into the conference as a guest or to audit the teaching.

If you have attended a previous conference you are welcome to attend any teaching that you choose.
Only people who attend the WHOLE conference will be eligible for the Saturday individual inner healing and deliverance ministry.



Thanks to the generosity of others, there is no charge for this conference!

The full conference fee had been $250 for several years.  In the fall of 2013, RLI decided to take a God risk and offer the conference for FREE!   The generous giving of others who came before you allows us to continue to make it FREE so that no one misses the opportunity to attend.    You will be given an  chance to “pay it forward” for the people who come to future conference.  A voluntary, free will offering will be taken on Sunday night and Friday night.



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