My name is Rev. Kathleen Mae Masuba. I’m a missionary in Uganda, Africa. I am founder of the House of Grace orphanage and the Flame of Fire Bible Schools where we train Ugandan ministry leaders in the churches. I just wanted to thank you for Restoring Lives International and the impact it made on my life, my marriage and my ministry. I have a powerful testimony of how God transformed my life.

Before I went to Africa in 2011 a friend of mine introduced me to RLI.  As she was a volunteer with RLI and highly trained in their ministry model,  she  did ministry with me at home, and we prayed against every strongman and underlings from past to future generations. I wanted to be ready for ministry in Africa. The freedom that I received was powerful and I felt ready to go to Uganda.

After being in Uganda for 4.5 years, I went through trauma and suffering all the while serving Jesus. Life there was a culture shock and I witnessed an incredible amount of suffering while ministering to street children and the people in Uganda. Deliverance is common there, but there’s no understanding of the spirit realm. Deliverance is messy without understanding.

While in Uganda over those 4.5 years, I met and married my husband, Micah Masuba. Together we came to U.S. and went through another RLI conference. We received so much freedom during that time! Personal freedom, freedom in our marriage, and freedom in our ministry! Prior to deliverance, we were experiencing much warfare in our ministry and in our orphanage with our children and workers! After going through the conference together, we were so amazed that the warfare in our midst stopped! God cleaned out our house, and we’ve never had a problem since. We have peace in our home! God also did a work in our marriage. We are now more secure in ourselves and can love each other better. We are more aware of each other’s needs and gifts, and more understanding of each other’s weaknesses and strengths and God gave us a great compassion to move together in unity. Whereas before, there was much confusion and struggle yoking together. Our lives have been changed! This has also affected the future generations of the children in our ministry in Africa. It even changed our financial blessings. Because we sewed spiritually into our generations and past generations God released financial blessings in our ministry. He also opened up more doors for us to share our story in the U.S.

In 2015 we returned to the states again. But because of the atmosphere of warfare in Uganda on a daily basis, I felt it necessary to go through another RLI conference. After I went through again, I received ministry to a much deeper level which led to even more freedom. I believe that deliverance happens in layers. Deeper and deeper each time.  I also received Trauma Ministry from the RLI team where we prayed through the years of my life from conception to present, and the results were complete freedom. I realized that the traumas in my life were the open doors for the roots of bondage which allowed the underlings access to my life. The glory of God can now invade my life. My life is more stable emotionally, my relationship with the Lord is even stronger and I’ve become closer in my marriage and relationships with other people.

God showed me that this ministry can change the people of Uganda just like it changed me. Can you imagine how powerful this can be to a nation whose daily atmosphere is spiritual warfare? I believe that what sets this ministry apart from the other deliverance ministries that I’ve experienced is that you receive understanding and revelation of what deliverance is about. This understanding mixed with faith, gave God access to change my life forever. This ministry is a movement of the Holy Spirit; it changes generations back to God.

I want to thank you for the transformation this ministry has brought to my life, marriage, relationships and ministry! My life is forever changed!


Rev. Kathleen Mae Masuba

Fresh Revivial Fire Ministries

Mbale, Uganda

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