Pray for a Prayer Request

Please join us in praying for these prayer requests.  Simply do your prayer and the click the pray button next to the request.

RLI Prayer Requests

  • Severe vision loss.

    My sister Ramona has had severe vision issues since childhood. She Is very close to blindness in one eye and now has a very serious issue with her other eye and serious vision loss in it. The specialist said something about improper blood flow to the eye and they are trying g to develop a care plan for her vision issue to avoid total blindness. Thank you for praying for her with us.

  • Prayer

    My sister is 56 years and is having continual uterine bleeding. She is a believer and believes God's desire is for wholeness. I had the same issue. I think of the woman with the issue of blood. We both had difficult upbringing and we understand there is a root cause.

    Thanks for agreeing over my sister to touch the hem of His garment and for her to hear the words DAUGHTER, you are made whole.


  • That people would use good sense and stop gathering in groups & ignoring guidelines

    Some people either don't stay informed or like to defy the conventional wisdom and think they can go and do anything with anyone. Asking that people would get supernatural wisdom that would protect them from making bad decision about their safety and others.

  • Safety for our children and grandchildren

    Please pray for our children and grandchildren particularly in New York.

  • Pain in left shoulder

    Pray for diminishing of pain in left shoulder.


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