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Please join us in praying for these prayer requests.  Simply do your prayer and the click the pray button next to the request.

RLI Prayer Requests

  • Infidelity

    My wife is cheating on me, and we are currently separated. The Lord has laid on my heart to forgive her, but I know this affair is ongoing. She is still cheating, while telling my family she loves, misses , and wants me. She allegedly wants to stay married while living with, having sex with, and saying she loves this other person. Please pray for her to repent, and for me to find it in my heart to forgive.

  • Ms

    I have been dealing with physical pain in my hips and legs for far too long. Yes, part is a structural issue and under the care of a chiropractor but this is beyond structural. Please pray for a Breakthrough. I have dealt with everything I know to deal with in regards to forgiveness and releasing of anything or anyone that has come to mind. I don't know if there is an open door or I'm just to stand. I know God heals and wants freedom for me in this.
    Thsnk you for praying.
    May God richly bless you.

  • Mgr


  • healing from endometriosis

    hello. Please join me in paying that God would heal me. I have endometriosis and am in a lot of pain when my symptoms flare up. Thank you!

  • Marriage/divorce

    I'm praying for my husband to come back to God and stop his lying and adultry. Please help save our marriage.

  • Christ-follower

    Please pray for a Christian school teacher named Melissa, a 36 year old Mother of 2, who has been battling liver cancer for a year now. Her husband plans to take her to the Mayo Clinic May 27, 2020. TYVM!

  • Prayer

    Pray for my sister angie she has trigger finger. My mom mary with her new hip replacement and my boss at work beth she has a abscess tooth

  • Prayer request

    Our oldest daughter, Rachel has symptoms of the Corona and is going for testing at our local hospital today. A coworker went yesterday for testing. Please pray for her, her place of employment(( she works in a group home for the handicap). Her fiance and family and our family have shared time together recently as well as several of us are still working.

  • Prayer Request


    I believe I was the one Bryn called out in her first video for prayer for a hernia.....very painful today with popping sounds in my lower bowels.

    Thank you.

  • Christ-follower

    My wife, Janet, and I, are dealing with kidney disease. She has stage 2, and I have stage 3.
    Tyvm for your healing prayers!

    Mark and Janet


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